Brochure | Agribusiness Leadership Program

September 9, 2018

Food security, jobs, sustainability, global trade—to meet these challenges and more, farming must change. Producer organizations in emerging markets must become more professional and more productive. A well-managed producer organization can attract finance and customers, which means it can sell more and do more for farming communities. 

Stop-Winlock’s Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP) prepares producer organizations to do exactly that. It integrates assessments, classroom training, and coaching in a 6- to 24-month program designed to measurably improve the management skills and professionalism of producer organizations. 

The program is delivered in the local language and is customized for producer organizations of varying sizes, crop sectors, and education levels. These organizations can range from small, informal producer groups to large, registered farmer cooperatives. The program will expand to include businesses that work with smallholder farmers, including collection agents and input retailers.