Good Practice

Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets

April 30, 2007

201 pages | © May 2007 IFC | Complimentary


This handbook endeavors to provide a comprehensive overview of good practice in stakeholder engagement, with a dedicated focus on stakeholder groups that are "external" to the core operation of the business, such as affected communities, local government authorities, non-governmental and other civil society organizations, local institutions and other interested or affected parties.

The handbook is divided into two parts: Part One contains they key concepts and principles of stakeholder engagement, the practices that are known to work, and the tools to support the delivery of effective stakeholder engagement. Part Two shows how these principles, practices and tools fit with the different phases of the project cycle, from initial concept, through construction and operations, to divestment and/or decommissioning.

For easier downloading, the report is provided both in its entirety and by individual sections.

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Part One: Key Concepts and Principles of Stakeholder Engagement

Part Two: Integrating Stakeholder Engagement with the Project Cycle


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