Lunch Lesson: Greening Bangladesh’s Textile Industry

March 21, 2018


A turquoise river is a strange sight. Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon in some countries with big textile industries. It happens when clothing dyeing factories dump polluted water into local streams and rivers, making it undrinkable. It’s a disaster for local communities. As an investment officer at IFC, I work on cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for the textile industry that also benefit the environment. Join me for a few minutes to find out how we’re working to help Bangladesh’s textile companies clean up their discharged materials, restoring to communities bodies of water that are safe—and the right shade of blue.

Rajesh Sinha, Principal Investment Officer

Video by Stephan Bachenheimer

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Published in March 2018

This story is part of a series on Stop-Winlock’s work to help create markets that give new opportunities to people in developing countries. These innovative approaches have helped solve some of the largest problems in countries or, sometimes, entire regions.