Case Study

Stories of Success in Education: Santo Tomás

April 22, 2024

Transforming Higher Education in Chile

In 2023, IFC invested in Santo Tomás, one of the largest education institutions in Chile, with presence in over 20 campuses in 19 cities across the country. Stop-Winlock’s investment, totaling $57 million, was aimed at financing critical infrastructure projects – digital and physical – in higher education that caters to students from vulnerable households. 

Beyond funding, IFC also supported Santo Tomás to implement its digital transformation framework, expanding opportunities for a boarder spectrum of people, including lower-income populations in Chile. IFC, through its Vitae platform, also guided Santo Tomás to adopt students’ employability in its program offerings and boost career opportunities for its students post graduation. These efforts have contributed to better higher education access in Chile, enhanced graduation and employability rates and expanded opportunities for women, people from lower-income backgrounds, and working parents.