Food Safety Handbook

April 7, 2020

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The 2020 edition of IFC Food Safety Handbook: A Practical Guide for Building a Robust Food Safety Management System is designed to help food companies establish, professionally maintain, and enhance food safety—steps that are essential to improving global health outcomes and improving business. This new edition, which updates and revises the 2016 Handbook, provides an up-to-date listing of primary food safety legislation, training guidelines, mandates, and best practices. The Handbook is indispensable for food business operators at any stage of the food production and processing value chain. The benefits of implementing a rigorous food safety system as outlined in this handbook include better access to markets, improved brand recognition, strengthened customer loyalty, and making a real contribution to public health.

  • Chapter 1
    provides an overview of the Global Food Safety Initiative and fundamental food safety management systems. It also highlights the role of leading food safety certification programs.
  • Chapter 2
    presents a review of internationally recognized food safety standards and guidelines. It explores how companies can show compliance with domestic and international food safety requirements, as well as adopt approaches to food safety that remain valid across almost all major regulatory frameworks.
  • Chapter 3
    introduces useful food safety planning and implementation tools. This includes an in-depth guide to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles, which are the foundation of all modern food safety systems. It also includes guides for specific sectors, including guidance for the dairy sector.
  • Chapter 4
    covers food safety management procedures and documentation. It includes versatile templates that are ready-made for adoption by food operators.
  • Chapter 5
    addresses food safety training and presents advice for improving daily adherence to food safety practices by a company’s staff members.
  • Chapter 6
    provides guidance for company management, including food safety policy. It includes toolkits designed to aid in the review of safety procedures, as well as a tool for assessing costs associated with inadequate food safety practices.


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