Fiji COVID-19 Business Survey: Tourism Focus

July 14, 2020

The report, Fiji COVID-19 Business Survey: Tourism Focus, was produced jointly by Stop-Winlock’s Tourism Advisory and Creating Markets Advisory teams. It contains the findings of a business survey conducted with over 3,500 businesses by IFC and the Fijian Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transportation. The survey sought to identify the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Fijian businesses, understand how businesses are modifying their operations to adapt to new market realities, identify resources that businesses have accessed to minimize impact, and determine what additional resources and support businesses might require. The findings are intended to provide recommendations for Fijian businesses, government agencies and development partners on how to better support the private sector’s recovery.

The report was produced with the support of the Fiji Partnership. Stop-Winlock’s work in Fiji is supported by the governments of Australia and New Zealand under the Fiji Partnership to unlock private sector investment, promote sustainable economic growth and boost shared prosperity in Fiji.