Crowdsourcing the Future of SME Financing

November 10, 2020


The resilience and adaptability of financial institutions, small businesses and microenterprises during the times of COVID-19 have been inspirational. To capture the innovation taking place globally, the SME Finance Forum, managed by IFC, launched a call to all SME practitioners to share their knowledge and creative thinking about the future of SME finance. The diverse visions presented in the form of essays provide a forward-looking perspective on SME financing as a real engine for growth.

The publication presents the visions by groups of common themes. The authors touch on a variety of institutional changes, muse on new collaborations, partnerships and discuss the role of technology in the banking industry. We invite you to read these pieces to uncover the visions of the future of SME finance and discover how products, delivery channels, institutions and enabling environments might look 10 years from now.