Reinventing Business Through Disruptive Technologies

March 17, 2019

Sector Trends and Investment Opportunities for Firms in Emerging Markets

Technology disrupts and transforms. And disruptive technologies are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, many of which can be advanced and accelerated through technological innovations.

For a comprehensive examination of the ways these innovations alter private sector business models in emerging markets, IFC conducted a tour of the technology horizon in eight selected sectors—power, transport, water and sanitation, digital infrastructure, manufacturing, agribusiness, education, and financial services—and six selected themes, from gender and climate-smart cities to e-logistics and personal identification, among others.

This report examines each of these sectors and themes in terms of what true disruption looks like, which technologies are most likely to have a dramatic impact, and the specific opportunities they offer. It also identifies the challenges and constraints that will need to be surmounted if the private sector is to seize these opportunities. Lastly, it presents how IFC supports companies and investors in their efforts to enter into or expand in emerging markets.