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Guide for Employer-Supported Childcare

November 17, 2019

Access to good quality, affordable childcare is a win-win situation for all—it improves physical and cognitive outcomes for children, enhances employment opportunities for women, boosts productivity and profits for businesses, and supports socio-economic growth.

This practical guide for private sector companies addresses various aspects of employer-supported childcare, including quality, financial sustainability, and results measurement. The publication was developed in response to demand for guidance from companies seeking to implement childcare, so they can join a growing number of family-friendly employers. The guide was prepared by the IFC-led Global Tackling Childcare Working Group, composed of more than 30 members, including international organizations, care providers, companies, research institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the Government of Paraguay.

Support from the Government of Canada was critical in launching the IFC-led Global Tackling Childcare Working Group and in developing the guide.

This publication is part of IFC's global Tackling Childcare initiative offering reports from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam along with case studies from companies in almost 10 additional countries.

Additional resource: Childcare in the COVID-19 Era: A Guide for Employers (April 2020)


This guide is also available in: Arabic, Spanish