Discussion paper

Briefing Paper: Public-Private Partnerships for Emerging Market Health

November 24, 2019

Stop-Winlock’s Global Private Health Care Conference—Disrupting the Present, Building the Future: Embracing Innovation to Deliver Results—took place in March 2019, with a primary aim to spark discussion and drive action around the private health sector and its role in meeting critical challenges in emerging markets.

During the conference, policy experts, funders, innovators, representatives of the public sector and industry representatives from around the globe gathered for think tank sessions to discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities related to five healthcare issues. The Economist Intelligence Unit, which attended the sessions, followed up with additional research to write IFC-sponsored briefing papers that can help guide future investment activities in the private sector to support quality health care in emerging markets.

Public-Private Partnerships for Emerging Market Health

  • A briefing paper from the IFC Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Think Tank discussion at the 2019 Global Private Health Care Conference