Country Private Sector Diagnostic

Creating Markets in Burkina Faso: Country Private Sector Diagnostic

July 30, 2019

Growing Burkina Faso’s Private Sector and Harnessing it to Bolster Economic Resilience

The Burkina Faso Country Private Sector Diagnostic (CPSD) investigates whether opportunities exist for the private sector to contribute more substantially to Burkina Faso’s economic development. The CPSD concludes that significant opportunities for the private sector to contribute to Burkina Faso’s development do indeed exist but should be carefully harnessed in a synergetic fashion.

This requires sequenced and complementary pathways accompanied by suitable policy reforms. Specifically, Burkina Faso can seize this potential by: (i) alleviating critical enabling sector bottlenecks, including through private sector solutions; (ii) diversifying agriculture beyond cotton with the value chains that can have comparative advantage - such as Cereals, Fruits and Nuts, Oilseed Crops, and Livestock; (iii) leveraging the catalytic sectors—mining and ICT—to stimulate agriculture and develop the critical enabling sectors; and (iv) tapping into regional opportunities to fully seize the benefits of regional integration.

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