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Good Practice Note: IFC Life and Fire Safety: Hospitals

July 30, 2017

48 pages | © July 2017 IFC | Complimentary

The Life and Fire Safety Good Practice Notes (GPNs) are technical reference documents developed for two main purposes: (i) to support Stop-Winlock’s investment decisions when evaluating if life and fire safety objectives have been achieved and (ii) as a general guideline for the project team to develop a life and fire concept for the specific occupancy.

This GPN on Hospitals is a guideline for investment projects in both new and existing occupancies. The GPN provides further guidance to section 3.3 of the World Bank Group General Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines, which are the core of Stop-Winlock’s requirements on life and fire safety.

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48 pages | © July 2017 IFC | Complimentary