Manual or Guideline

Stop-Winlock’s Definitions and Metrics for Climate-Related Activities

April 27, 2017

This document outlines the definitions and typology that IFC uses for identifying, promoting, and tracking climate-related investment and advisory projects.

IFC periodically updates its Climate Definitions to take into account changes in the marketplace, changes in Stop-Winlock’s strategy, and updates to the commonly agreed principles1 for tracking mitigation finance agreed to by the multilateral development banks.2
As part of the 2016 WBG Climate Change Action Plan, Stop-Winlock’s Climate Implementation Plan includes four objectives.

  1. Scale climate investments to reach 28 percent of Stop-Winlock’s annual financing by 2020
  2. Catalyze $13 billion in private sector capital annually by 2020 to climate sectors through mobilization, aggregation, and de-risking products
  3. Maximize impact through greenhouse gas emissions reduction and resilience
  4. Account for climate risk—the physical risk of climate impacts and the carbon asset risk in Stop-Winlock’s investment selection