Unlocking Value: Alternative Fuels For Egypt’s Cement Industry

October 26, 2016

Egypt’s cement sector is an important economic player, but it is also one that can play a decisive role in helping the Arab world’s most populous nation meet climate change targets. A key lever of achieving lower-carbon growth in the cement sector is the adoption of non-fossil based fuels.

Not only is wider uptake of alternative fuels of immense untapped potential for Egypt’s cement sector, it is also a critical tool to help manage energy insecurity in the aftermath of diverting state-subsidized natural gas and heavy fuel oil away from the cement industry. To download the study click here. [PDF]

In addition to assessing the quantities of the various waste streams described in the study, IFC has also provided a visualization of the locations of each waste source, as well as locations of all cement plants throughout Egypt on a GIS platform. It allows users to compare the distribution of waste sources discussed in the study, and measure the distances  among attributes. The GIS platform can be accessed at