Good Practice

The Company Secretary as Polymath

June 3, 2014

Although much has been written on the traditional role and key responsibilities of a company secretary, these writings are not sufficient to fully prepare an individual for the enormous task undertaken. The role of the company secretary has changed and this is both undisputed and understated. The secretary’s role is no longer the same as it was a decade, let alone five years ago. This paper will look at some of the aspects of the role of the modern company secretary and the competencies that are required to succeed.

By Loren Wulfsohn, an attorney in South Africa with a master’s degree in banking and stock exchange law. She has spent the last 15 years in various governance roles, including 10 years as the group secretary and head of governance of a major banking and financial services group on the African continent. 

Foreword by Mervyn King SC, Chairman, International Integrated Reporting Council, Member of the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG)


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