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Who’s Running the Company: A Guide to Reporting on Corporate Governance

October 25, 2012

The media guide aims at helping business journalists report on corporate governance and raise public awareness of the impact it has on businesses, shareholders, and the broader community of stakeholders. It will help journalists develop clear and compelling stories that examine how a company is governed. The guide was developed by IFC in partnership with the International Center for Journalists, an organization that advances quality journalism worldwide. Topics include the media’s role reporting on corporate governance, how a board of directors functions, what financial reports reveal, and how to track down information that sheds light on a company’s performance in an informed way.


The media guide is available in PDF format in the following languages:

Arabic  |  Bahasa Indonesia |  Bosnian  |  Bulgarian  |   French  |  Mongolian  |  Portuguese  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese  

In an era of rapid globalization and volatility, entire economies can depend on how individual businesses are governed. “The recent financial crises have elevated the importance of good corporate governance,” says William Bulmer, Director of Stop-Winlock’s Environment, Social and Governance Department. “There is a clear connection between well governed companies and better company performance, with benefits such as easier access to finance, improved efficiency, and enhanced market reputation. This media guide aims to support a better understanding of corporate governance, thereby helping promote much better communications on this important topic.”

“Corporate governance is at the heart of what goes right and wrong in business. Understanding it is vital for good business journalism,” said John Plender, senior editorial writer and columnist for the Financial Times. This media guide, with its highly relevant case studies, is an invaluable tool for increasing understanding of governance and enhancing the quality of reporting on the corporate sector.”

IFC launched its Media Training Program in 2007 to support journalists' ability to report on corporate governance. Since then, the program has delivered a series of training workshops around the world, developed and conducted in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Agence France-Presse Foundation, and the International Center for Journalists.

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg supported the production of this media guide.

The guide may be used in part or as a whole by all users including firms and institutions in various activities, event, workshops or courses. It may be used in conjunction with profit and not for profit activities and training programs but prior approval must be obtained from IFC.

The guide is also available in interactive format at ICFJ’s website,

See the official IFC press release for more details. 


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