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Reporting on Corporate Governance: Training Resource Guide

May 18, 2011

The Media Program of the Global Corporate Governance Forum aims to build and facilitate the capacity of journalists worldwide in investigative reporting on corporate governance issues. Based on our experience in the design and execution of media training workshops, we have compiled resources, templates, and guidelines into one place that organizers can use when launching, implementing, and monitoring similar events. You may adapt these tools for your own purposes and feel free to be creative when engaging journalists and the media in your own region or country.

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The Guide contains:

  • An overview of the Global Corporate Governance Forum Media Program
  • A synopsis of what you can expect from the Forum by way of support
  • An overview of issues to consider when creating a media workshop program

The Resource Guide is accompanied by a CD that contains various templates and presentations for preparing the media training workshops. To obtain the CD and for all other request related to the Media Program, please contact Marjorie Pavia via email:

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