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Corporate Social Responsibility - Private Self-Regulation is Not Enough

December 9, 2011

Private Sector Opinion 24: While corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an established part of the global landscape, there is no universal concept of CSR. How can we figure out what CSR actually is? What drives emerging countries to support a concept that they previously feared would pose a protectionist threat to them? Michel Doucin begins his article with a fascinating historical analysis of the CSR concept. He identifies its pioneers, including those in emerging markets, and the different interpretations of CSR. He concludes by arguing for genuine international rules to shape a universal CSR framework. The challenge is to build a balance between collective private self-regulation and government regulations.

Michel Doucin is the French ambassador for bioethics and corporate social responsibility since 2008 and is also an associate professor at Université Paris-Sud-Jean Monnet.

Foreword by Olivier Maurel, Associate Professor at the Gustave Eiffel IAE (Université Paris-Est, France), former Director of the CSR Master 2 Management program, Independent Consultant/Researcher, and Coordinator of the “Afrique responsable” Program. 

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