Toolkit 3: Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources Kit

June 30, 2010

The Board Leadership Training Resources Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of materials and learning tools aimed at enhancing the role that directors play in their boards. It also provides approaches that they can use to ensure that boards and managers adhere to best practices. The emphasis throughout the training is on developing leadership and analytical skills.

The Toolkit has a unique emphasis on training that maximizes the learning experience. Each module is designed to provoke discussion and debate and uses interactive strategies to enrich training for adult learners. By encouraging participants to draw on personal experiences, their development is reinforced by sharing knowledge and board room practices in a way that addresses the challenges that many directors face.

The kit comprises user and training guides, five curriculum modules, a case study that traces the evolution of a hypothetical company as it considers corporate governance reforms, and CD-ROMs with all of the content. 

The full set of materials is available only to the trainers who go through the Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Program, but you can see:

The toolkit also has a  Governing Banks Supplement that provides the domain-specific expertise for bank board directors.

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