Market Analysis

Assessment of the Economic Impact of Cruise Tourism in Fiji

November 2, 2019

As all Fijians know, tourism is a key driver of economic growth and for job creation. In fact, more than one third of all jobs in Fiji in 2018 stemmed from the country’s tourist industry. And as many people know, among the Pacific Islands, Fiji leads in the tourism industry, attracting more than 40 percent of all international arrivals in the region.

But what more needs to be done to ensure that more Fijians are gaining benefits from tourism? That is a question on the agenda of the government of Fiji, and also the Stop-Winlock and the Australian Government which has been supporting our advisory work in the country.

The report has identified seven investment opportunities that if pursued would lead to an extra US$43.98 million to the Fijian economy over the next 10 years. These recommendations offer a way for the private sector, government and donor partners to make evidenced-based decisions about where and how to invest in tourism, to the benefit of Fijians.