Toolkit 1: Building Director Training Organizations

June 30, 2003


The toolkit distills practical experience from 17 developed and developing countries and provides practical advice on building organizations that train corporate directors in sound corporate governance practices. 


Also available in FRENCH and  SPANISH



Module 1: Starting - provides the basic information needed to launch a director training organization: 

- Incentives for training directors
- Types of organizations that train directors

- Key roles of organizations that train directors
- First steps in starting an organization that trains directors
- Components of a business plan
- Common challenges in the start-up phase
- Sources of start-up funding

Module 2: Structuring - discusses the main steps in setting up and developing the structure of the organization: 

- Duties and responsibilities of the governing body of the organization
- Key positions on the governing body

- Key staff positions
- Elements of the organization’s charter (constitution)
- How to draft a code of ethics and a code of conduct

Module 3: Training - offers information on developing, delivering, and managing a training program that meets the needs of directors: 

- Targeting the appropriate director markets
- Identifying the professional requirements and learning needs of directors

- Developing a training curriculum
- Developing a syllabus and testing individual courses
- Tailoring training methods to the learning styles of directors
- Managing and staffing a training program
- Evaluating a training course
- Certifying directors

Module 4: Expanding - discusses several types of activities and services that an organization may offer besides training: 

- Activities and services that can generate income
- Sponsorships and affinity programs
- Developing a membership base
- Pricing membership fees
- Recruiting and retaining members
- Managing membership data

Module 5: Monitoring - provides an overview of budgeting principles and management accounting structures. It contains information on financial statements, risk, internal control procedures, and performance measures. Specifically, this module will help with the following:

- Drawing up a budget
- Putting together the key financial statements for the annual report
- Using indicators to assess and monitor the performance of the organization
- Setting internal controls to ensure that the organization is run in accordance