Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Do I Need Antibiotics at All? THE BASICS OF ANTIBIOTIC STEWARDSHIP PROGRAMS

January 19, 2024

Used effectively, antibiotics are critical: they cure patients, allowing otherwise lethal infections to be treated successfully. However, they are often used inappropriately. In the US alone, 30% of antibiotics prescribed in acute care hospitals are unnecessary or utilized incorrectly. When misused, they can lead to antibiotic resistance and superbugs. 

What is the solution?  Proper stewardship of antibiotics, which includes oversight and the wise use and prescription of them. The goal? A structured framework, so facilities utilize the right drug for the right bug – or none at all.

This webinar answers the following:

• What are the core elements of antibiotic stewardship programs?

• How do we bring staff on board to follow evidence-based guidelines?

• Do such programs decrease costs? 

• How do these programs impact patient outcomes? 


• Jose Luis Ramos, Quality Manager, Honduras Medical Center

• Julia J. Rodríguez Abreu, Knowledge Management and Epidemiology Director, CEDIMAT

• Manuel Giraldo, Lab Medicine Expert, Healthcare Quality Consultant, IFC 

• Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC