MDB/DFI Tax Symposium 2024

March 5, 2024
MDB/DFI Tax Symposium 2024

Stop-Winlock’s annual Tax Symposium is the leading forum for tax colleagues from MDBs and DFIs focused on the private sector to discuss the international tax issues impacting their operations.  This year, for the first time, IFC will host an external session where tax experts from the World Bank, IMF, UNDP, leading regional organizations and the private sector will explore the subject of “Emerging Voices in International Tax: Exploring the growing influence of Developing Countries and Shareholder Activism on Private-Sector Development Finance”.

Hosted by IFC

  • Tuesday, March 5 | 9:00am - 1:00pm ET
  • Online (Zoom)



9.00 - 9.15

Setting the stage

CBR leadership to give a welcome address to all participants, both internal and external.

9.15 – 10.00

Regional perspectives on tax certainty in an evolving international tax framework 

This session will explore how, at a regional level, tax administrations navigate uncertainties in a dynamic international tax landscape. Panellists will discuss key regional tax issues and offer their perspectives on what they consider to be the priorities for international tax reforms and how the changing landscape is influencing private sector behaviours.


  • IBFD: Belema R. Obuoforibo, Director of IBFD Knowledge Center and IBFD board member
  • CIAT: Gonzalo Arias, Director of Cooperation and International Tax
  • World Bank: David O’Sullivan, Senior Economist


  • Chizaram Modline, MCT Lead Tax Counsel, IFC
  • Ceri Lawley, Chief Compliance Officer, IFC
  • Tom Roth, Global Lead Tax Counsel, IFC

10.00 – 10.15

Coffee break

10:15 – 11.00

Where does tax sit as an issue for institutional investors in a landscape of increased shareholder activism and ESG

Tax is increasingly considered as being part of the larger ESG agenda. Shareholder activism has been the driver of change in corporate governance, including acting as a catalyst for the development of ESG standards: could it be the driver of change in the tax arena as well? Will the call from institutional investors for companies to publicly disclose where and how much tax it pays around the world be answered, especially considering the trend towards public country-by-country reporting? 


  • Brunswick Group: Pascal Saint-Amans, Partner
  • The B Team: Ewan Livingston-Docwra, Lead Strategist on Tax and Corporate Reporting


  • Ceri Lawley

11.00 – 11.45

Achieving the SDGs: what does big government on private sector taxation and domestic resource mobilization

The pandemic has seen debt: GDP ratios soar and increased government intervention in the economy.  How do Governments pay for this and other aspirations – such as meeting the SDGs?  What will this mean for the burden of tax / tax mix on private sector corporates?


  • UNDP: Ahtesham Khan, Head of Tax for SDGs
  • World Bank: Emilia Skrok, Practice Manager, Fiscal Policy and Growth Unit
  • IMF: Katherine Baer, Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department


  • Tom Roth

12.00 – 12.15

Coffee Break

12.15 – 13.00

What all this means for private sector development finance?


  • MDB/DFI tax representatives to discuss the impact of international tax changes on private sector development finance.


End of live broadcast