Safe Transfusions: Right Blood, Right Patient, Right Time And Place

July 13, 2023

Over 11 million units of red blood cells are transfused annually in the United States, making transfusion the most common procedure completed during a given hospitalization. Several adverse events can occur, including fatalities, if a patient receives the wrong blood. There are ways to avoid mistakes during transfusions to ensure safety and quality.

Watch to learn the latest on transfusions:

• How to build a robust system to exclude the human factor? What are the requirements of safe requesting, collection, and administration of blood components?

• How to enhance quality management systems and ensure the processes include the key elements needed for safe transfusions, such as proper patient identification, effective communication, and proper documentation?

• What type of transfusion policies should be developed, and how can staff be appropriately trained and assessed?


• Dr. Nadine Shehata, Medical Director of Transfusion Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada

• Dr. Titus Ogundare, Chair of the Transfusion Medicine Committee at R-JOLAD, Nigeria

• Manuel Giraldo, Quality and Laboratory Medicine Expert, IFC

• Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC