It’s Elementary My Dear Watson! How To Trace Healthcare-Associated Infections

October 19, 2023

Detective Sherlock Holmes, one of the most beloved figures in British literature, was known for getting quickly to the bottom of most complicated mysteries. Similar to Holmes’ methods, when hospitals face infection outbreaks, it is critical to use systemic methods of inquiry to halt the infection’s spread. What exactly is the right approach to use, especially when staff may feel simply treating healthcare associated infections with antibiotics is the right way forward? What happens if staff do not understand that systems are critical to solving the problem? How do you instill a culture that uses no blame, and uses techniques that are precise and lead to solutions?

This webinar answers the following:

• Why is it important to trace infections?

• What is the most effective way to trace the infection?

• What are the roles of infection control committees and infection prevention teams?


• Dr. Shamsa Ahmed, Head of the Comprehensive Infectious Diseases Unit, MP Shah Hospital, Kenya

• Dr. Ajibike Oyewumi, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC

• Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC