IFC Mini-Conference on Green Hydrogen Deployment Perspectives

May 17, 2023

Green hydrogen is emerging as a promising candidate for achieving decarbonization and net zero targets at scale for manufacturing sectors with hard-to-abate emissions. 534 large-scale projects have been announced, representing a potential $240 billion of investments by 2030 (Hydrogen Council Insights, 2022). Global production capacity for electrolyzers, the critical equipment needed for green hydrogen production, doubled in 2021 to 8 GW per year (IEA, 2022). However, Green Hydrogen production is not yet commercially deployable at scale, lacking competitiveness against fossil fuels based gray hydrogen. Both private sector financing and concessional finance are required to bridge the gaps.

Event information:

  • When: MAY 17, 2023 – 10 AM to 12:30 PM EDT
  • Where: Online