Quality Improvement Plan vs Program – What is the difference

November 24, 2022

Quality improvement is an ongoing process of finding better ways to do things. Once gaps in patient safety are identified and objectives set, a system with right framework must be put in place. Why? Because planning – with deadlines, roles, and targets – is essential. Without it, practitioners might focus too deeply in one area and waste efforts. The result? A tired staff doing too many things at once. Very little gets accomplished.

However, quality program is much more than tables with tasks and responsibilities. It requires a thoughtful and systematic approach, and other elements must be put in place.

This webinar answers important questions:

  • Plan vs Program – how are they linked, and what is the difference?
  • What are the key elements of plan and program?
  • Tips and tricks: How to design and implement effectively?


  • Jacqui Stewart, CEO of COHSASA, South Africa
  • Penina Kirea, Chief Nursing Officer, Avenue Healthcare, Kenya
  • Ajibike Oyewumi, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC
  • Julia Khalimova, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Expert, IFC