Exploring the Frontier of Best Practice in Environmental Disclosure Policies

December 13, 2022

There is a growing focus on the need to effectively and rapidly shift capital towards sustainable solutions. However key questions remain as to how investors, stakeholders and decision makers alike can best assess which companies, activities or financial products are truly sustainable. And how can this information best be standardized across a wide-array of contexts?

IFC and CDP recently examined the current landscape of environmental disclosure policies across developed and developing economies, captured in a forthcoming report. Presented by the lead authors, the webinar will showcase the report’s analyses and findings, which spanned 38 jurisdictions. The report, which was developed in consultation with the UN SSE, also highlights practical examples for developing high-quality regulation that addresses market needs and investor demands, based on five criteria developed by CDP for successful mandatory disclosure.

This discussion will also explore the direction of travel for environmental disclosure policy into the future and provide lessons for jurisdictions looking to build their own environmental disclosure policy frameworks, taking into consideration the forthcoming reporting standards by the International Sustainability Standards Board and the European Union.


About the Presenters:

Ralitza Germanova

Corporate Governance Officer
International Finance Corporation


Evan Guy

Senior Global Policy Manager
Sustainable Finance, CDP


Daniel Petrovics

Research Consultant, DP Research & Consulting/Research Associate
Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



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