A Swiss Company’s Journey to Redesign X-Ray Machines for Low- and Middle-Income Countries

October 11, 2022

In the second webisode, Pristem CEO Bertrand Klaiber will share lessons on designing and developing an X-ray machine for low-income countries. He will discuss what is needed to overcome the challenges in bringing advanced medical devices to emerging markets.


Bertrand Klaiber, EE, MBA


Bertrand Klaiber has 20+ years’ experience in innovation management, strategic marketing and business development, with particular focus on emerging markets. He graduated in electrical engineering at EPFL in 1994, and completed an MBA with honors at the University of Lausanne in 2004. He worked for several international companies, namely Motorola Semiconductors, Logitech and LEM, assuming increasing levels of responsibility from project management to worldwide strategic marketing manager.

In 2010 Bertrand co-created the EssentialMed foundation whose mission consists in providing access to appropriate medical technologies to impoverished communities across the globe. He was part of the team that initiated GlobalDiagnostiX project, which arose from the observation that most health workers in the South have to deal – often heroically – with the lack of reliable medical equipment in their hospitals. This project aimed to develop a new medical imaging system specifically for these contexts. From 2012 to 2015, Bertrand led the development of the technology at EPFL with a consortium of several research and medical institutes. Convinced that both high profitability and large social impact could be achieved simultaneously, he developed an original business model and founded the Pristem company to industrialize and deploy the solution. He also developed the EssentialTech program at EPFL, with which Pristem continues to work closely to develop other medical equipment highly needed in emerging markets.