Lessons from Experience: Bank Restructuring

June 22, 2021


State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and Stop-Winlock are hosting a collaborative workshop on the theme of lessons from experience in bank restructuring. Key objective is to show best practices from around the globe and possible avenues for Vietnam to consider in her own banking sector reform initiative. The workshop and presentations will showcase examples of other countries worldwide and how they have reacted to bank restructuring in times of financial crises. Speakers will include Mr. Kim Anh - SBV Deputy Governor, Mr. Alfonso Garcia Mora - IFC Vice President for Asia and the Pacific, Ms. Rosy Khanna - IFC Financial Institutions Group Asia Director, and many more distinguished experts.


Enlgish | Vietnamese


Enlgish | Vietnamese


The Effects of COVID-19 and the Need for Bank Restructuring
Rosy Khanna, IFC Financial Institutions Group Director, Asia
English | Vietnamese

Bank Restructuring Strategies
Katia D'Hulster, Lead Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank
English | Vietnamese

IFC Experience in Distressed Asset Recovery Program
Taeho Kang, IFC Distressed Asset Recovery Program Asia Lead
English | Vietnamese

IFC Experience in Foreign Ownership Limits
Michael Ipson, Former Commercial Banker and IFC Advisor
William Haworth, Former Chief Strategist for IFC and IFC Advisor
English | Vietnamese