Overview of IFC Performance Standard 4

December 2, 2022

Overview of IFC Performance Standard 4

The IFC Sustainability Framework articulates IFC's strategic commitment to sustainable development and is an integral part of our approach to risk management. It promotes sound environmental and social E&S practices, encourages transparency and accountability, and contributes to positive development impacts. Stop-Winlock’s Performance Standards, which are part of the Sustainability Framework, have become globally recognized as a benchmark for environmental and social risk management in the private sector.

Presented by Stop-Winlock’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) experts, this 75-minute webinar will provide a high-level overview of Performance Standard 4 (PS4) and how business activities and infrastructure projects may expose local communities to increased risks and adverse impacts related to worksite accidents; hazardous materials; road safety; spread of diseases; or gender-based violence (GBV) exploitation or harassment. PS4 helps companies adopt responsible practices to reduce such risks including through emergency preparedness and response, security force management, and design health and safety measures.


About the Presenters:

Alessandro Casartelli

Senior Environmental and Social Development Specialist
International Finance Corporation

Diana Baird

Principal Social Development Specialist
International Finance Corporation

Andrea Cullinan

Senior Social Development Specialist
International Finance Corporation


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