Investing and growing a private health system in Africa

November 4, 2021

With growing demand for care networks that offer good access, quality, and more service specialization, we are seeing private sector models emerge that achieve commercial sustainability through integrated primary care, outpatients, and hospitals. How are they doing it and what are the market opportunities and challenges? Tune in to an IFC Health Webisode focused on Africa with investors Jide Olanrewaju, Partner at TPG Growth, and Afsane Jetha, Managing Partner & CEO of Alta Semper Capital, sharing insights with Stop-Winlock’s Charles Dalton.


Afsane Jetha

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CEO, Alta Semper Capital

Afsane Jetha is the Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CEO of Alta Semper Capital, a private equity manager founded in 2015 alongside Ronald Lauder (Chairman of Clinique LLC) and Richard Parsons (former CEO of Time Warner). The mission of Alta Semper is to invest flexible and strategic capital across selected growth markets, with a focus on the healthcare and consumer sectors. Alta Semper today manages funds on behalf of its founding shareholders as well as various US and European institutions, and is one of the most active investors in the healthcare space in Africa over the last two years.









Jide Olanrewaju

Partner, TPG Growth

Jide Olanrewaju is a Partner at TPG Growth based in London, where he is part of the team focused on investments in Africa. Prior to joining TPG in 2015, Jide was a Partner with Satya Capital, an African investment fund, and before that, a banker at Morgan Stanley. Jide graduated from Imperial College in London with a specialization in nuclear reactor technology, and is a Co-Chair at the Royal African Society.