Digital Disruption in Agriculture Forum

May 16, 2019

The World Bank Group hosted a Digital Disruption in Agriculture Forum with the aim of identifying digital tools and service providers from Africa and beyond that can be effectively deployed in Ethiopian Agribusiness. 

The Program

Digital technologies can tackle Africa’s food challenges, such as low productivity, high transaction costs, limited use of modern inputs and minimal commercialization. In other parts of the world, digital tools have been proven to be effective, but agricultural technology pioneers in Africa face numerous roadblocks to scaling up their products and services due to the dominance of smallholder farming. This is particularly evident in Ethiopia, where farming practices have remained unchanged for centuries and where enormous potential exists for technological disruption in the agricultural sector. The World Bank Group is exploring how to leverage digital technologies to improve agricultural practices and food security in Ethiopia.

Participants heard from regional and global leaders about disruptive digital technologies with the potential to reach millions of smallholder farmers, connect with potential suppliers and clients, and discussed opportunities and constraints in the digital agriculture space in Ethiopia.

Video Highlights

Watch this short recap for a glimpse into exciting discussions and interactions that took place at the Forum