Employment Benefits, Growth, Life and Balance

IFC staff have access to a wide variety of valuable benefits and personal growth opportunities that match a compelling career choice with a well-balanced and fruitful life.

Employees at IFC headquarters building enternace in Washington D.C (2019)

 Physical and Mental Wellness

Health Coverage

The World Bank Group health plan is among the strongest benefits we offer. Headquarters-recruited staff and their eligible family members (including domestic partners) may choose from three comprehensive medical coverage and dental insurance benefit plans, with no pre-existing condition exclusions if enrolled within 60 days of start date. Staff recruited to a Country Office are eligible for a comprehensive medical/dental benefits plan for themselves and eligible family members, including domestic partners.

Employees in a hallway at IFC headquarters in Washington D.C (2019)

Generous Leave Policies

New IFC staff accrue 208 hours of leave per year (approx. 26 days). Annual leave accrues daily to reach 240 hours per year (approx. 30 days) after 10 years of service. Additionally, sick leave accrues daily at the rate of 120 hours (15 days) per year. Moreover, staff receive parental leave (100 working days) for the Primary Caregiver and (50 working days) for the Secondary Caregiver after the birth of a child or following adoption of a child less than 12 years old.

Additionally, the World Bank Group grants most federally recognized national holidays for staff working at Headquarters and most national holidays for Country Office staff. With approval, staff may be granted (one day) of administrative leave per year to volunteer with a non-profit organization of their choice. We also offer compensatory leave in times of intensive and prolonged overtime work following operational travel, and emergency leave is offered in certain situations. Up to ten days per year of short-term family leave are available to staff who need time to care for family members due to illness or unavailable dependent care services. Finally, the World Bank Group provides a global end-of-year closure of all offices between December 26 and December 31 to allow all staff to fully disconnect from work and enjoy time with their loved ones. 

Work Flexibility

IFC strives to help staff achieve balance in their work and personal lives. We encourage staff to work one day per week from home and offer flexible work arrangements that include programs such as telecommuting, reduced work schedules, flextime, job sharing, and home-based work. These arrangements are offered at the hiring manager’s discretion and are based on the needs of the business and of the individual. 

Health Services

A Health Services Department onsite at World Bank Group Headquarters provides consultation and treatment during the workday for minor ailments or injuries, clinical services related to work assignments (e.g., travel medicine), as well as preventive care services. The department’s Health Promotion Program offers a wide range of ongoing programs and scheduled activities to encourage good health habits for staff and families. 

Fitness Center

IFC Headquarters’ fitness center was remodeled in 2023 and is fully supplied with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, locker rooms, showers, saunas, and exercise studios. Additionally, the fitness center offers daily classes including yoga, cycling, karate, zumba, pilates, and other programs to promote and preserve the good health, morale, and productivity of staff.  Personal trainers are available to keep workouts fresh, fuel motivation, and make exercise fun and exciting.

State of the art fitness and wellness center at IFC Headquarters in Washington D.C. Photo: IFC

Commuter Benefits

As an incentive for staff to use public transportation and thereby reduce the World Bank Group’s carbon footprint, IFC offers commuter subsidies that can be used for public transportation.

Bike Racks

Headquarters and many Country Offices are equipped with bike racks and commuter biking equipment such as pumps, protective gear, lockers, and showers. 


Headquarters and many Country Offices have parking spaces available for staff. At Headquarters, staff have access to electric vehicle charging stations.

Financial Wellness

Competitive Salary

We offer internationally competitive salaries based on your professional experience and level of education. Our salary ranges are revised annually, using both private sector and public sector comparators in each country where staff are located. Special adjustments may be made to address compensation issues caused by high inflation.

Pension Plan & 401(k)

The World Bank Group sponsors a comprehensive retirement savings plan for all staff, which may be converted into a monthly pension upon retirement based on eligible years of service. Staff make regular contributions to the plan, and the World Bank Group provides a generous match. Staff also have the option of participating in the World Bank Group 401(k) plan or Country Office Savings Plan.

Life, Accident & Other Insurance Programs

We provide all staff with basic life and accident insurance at no cost. Headquarters-recruited staff can elect additional life and accident insurance coverage at their own expense. Disability and worker's compensation coverage is provided to all staff at no cost.

Financial Support

The World Bank Group offers financial wellness education, a financial assistance program with five types of loans (general, emergency, settling-in, education, and housing), and identify protection services, including fraud alert and credit monitoring. 


We recognize the hard work of staff with various awards, such as the Corporate Awards Program with rewards ranging from 2% to 10% of recipients' grade midpoint salary, a Top 30 Award recognizing exceptional commitment, and Departmental Performance Awards linked to core values and achievements. We also offer a points-based peer-to-peer recognition program that allows staff to show appreciation and gratitude for each other’s work.

An employee presenting IFC spot award process (2022). Photo: IFC

Career Development and Learning

Continuous Education

Access to cutting-edge learning helps staff accelerate their skills and contribute more strongly to Stop-Winlock’s continued success. Staff have access to hundreds of courses offered in-person and online (at your own pace) on a broad range of topics from language courses to leadership development, and various other business skills.  Moreover, staff are encouraged to explore external programs delivered outside the World Bank Group such as university degree programs, professional certifications, conferences, and seminars.


Staff and consultants have access to various mentorship programs such as MentorConnect (a self-service mentoring program). Our IFC Reverse Mentoring Program taps into our junior staff’s expertise and technology acumen and reverses the traditional mentoring relationship by creating opportunities for junior staff to act as mentors to more senior staff. The Y2Y (Youth2Youth) Mentoring Program focuses on special mentoring for staff under 35. 

A photo from IFC HR team meeting (2019). Photo: IFC

Culture & Workplace Environment

Mission-Driven Culture 

The World Bank Group’s mission is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity on a livable planet. Across IFC, there is a shared commitment to developing sustainable solutions for global impact. As a member of our organization, you can find purpose and have impact by directly contributing to building a better future for our world and for the people who call it home.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

IFC is a true melting pot of people, culture, and experiences like no other. Here, staff have unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and talented community of colleagues who hail from nearly 150 countries. Employee Resource Groups for women, Millennial, and LGBTQI+ staff, and staff of African descent, further add to our tapestry of diversity.

Learn more about our commitment to DEI. 

Equality campaign banner on display at IFC headquarters lobby (2023). Photo: IFC

Family Picnic and Holiday Party

Our staff look forward every year to two special celebrations that bring families together: the Family Picnic and the End-of-Year Holiday Party.  These always include a variety of music, foods, games, performances, and prizes.


Staff are equipped with state-of-the-art devices such as personal mobile phones, laptops, and iPads. These are maintained onsite by dedicated technicians and updated regularly.

Onsite Cafeteria

Headquarters and many Country Offices have onsite cafeterias and coffee bars that offer high-quality international food at reasonable prices. Additionally, the convenience store at Headquarters offers dry cleaning service, vending machines, personal cake orders, dining vouchers, and office coffee supplies.

Cafe at IFC headquarters. Photo: IFC


Through the Community Connections Campaign (CCC), IFC provides up to 100% matching of employee donations to registered local or international non-profit organizations. The contribution that staff make through the CCC is a source of pride for the institution, and over the past 10 years we have donated over US$100 million to more than 400 organizations around the world.


IFC Headquarters has a rooftop vegetable garden and professionally managed beehives that produce vegetables and honey for staff consumption at the cafeterias.

Waste & Recycling

"Sort It Out!" is the waste management standard across the entire World Bank Group campus. "Binless" recycling, composting, and waste collection help us reduce the amount of landfill waste our offices generate. This supports environmental stewardship and is fully aligned with our mission. “Binless” means that waste collection is centralized in common areas on each floor of our Headquarters buildings and there are no deskside bins.

Family Support

Visa Support

We recruit talent internationally and have a dedicated in-house team that supports staff to procure required visas and work permits. We sponsor G4 visas for international staff assigned to Headquarters and their eligible immediate family members.

Relocation, Resettlement, and Expatriate Benefits

For staff appointed to positions subject to international recruitment, IFC pays relocation benefits upon appointment and resettlement benefits upon end of employment.  Moreover, IFC supports families in their search for homes and schools.

World Bank Family Network (WBFN)

The WBFN is a volunteer-driven organization of spouses and partners of World Bank Group staff with a presence at Headquarters and across 50+ Country Office locations. The Network recognizes that families in transition are best supported by other families who have gone through similar experiences. The WBFN shares helpful relocation information with members in both the Washington, D.C. area and abroad, and offers a supportive network through social, cultural, educational, and advocacy programs. 


We recognize that childcare is a top concern for many staff and are proud to offer the World Bank Group Children's Center as an option to address these needs at Headquarters. Backup childcare is also available to staff who need emergency or temporary childcare. The World Bank Group also offers ​​​​a child planning benefit designed that can be used to reimburse staff for eligible expenses related to adoption, surrogacy, and child planning.

Lactation Room

Rooms for nursing mothers are available across many IFC global offices.  These include special soft seating, breast pumps, fridges, and mothers-only digital access.

Member countries flags at World Bank - IMF annual meetings 2023. Photo: World Bank


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