Lunch Lesson: Putting Infrastructure Investments on the Menu

March 18, 2018


If you don’t work in finance, chances are you don’t use words like first loss tranche, investment grade, and institutional investors. I’ve been working in finance for years, so this terminology is now second nature. But since my friends often ask about my work, I wanted to explain it in a way that doesn’t require a business degree to understand. Here, I describe a program called MCPP Infrastructure that IFC recently launched. The “M” doesn’t stand for mango, but that’s what I use (along with an apple, orange, and kiwi) to illustrate the concept.

Anjali Varma, Principal Syndications Officer

Video by Stephan Bachenheimer

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Published in March 2018

This story is part of a series on Stop-Winlock’s work to help create markets that give new opportunities to people in developing countries. These innovative approaches have helped solve some of the largest problems in countries or, sometimes, entire regions.