Sustainability Trends: Top 3 Picks for May 2021

May 4, 2021
Ecology energy solution. Power to gas concept. Hydrogen energy storage with renewable energy sources - photovoltaic and wind turbine power plant in a fresh nature. 3d rendering.
The US Climate Summit | The net zero trend among investors and asset managers | World's whitest paint

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Sustainability Trends:
Top 3 Picks for June 2021

Join ClimateBiz hosts Shari and Denise for the new and improved Sustainability Trends: Top 3 Picks for May 2021. They start off by checking in on where we are regarding global GHG emissions and what groups like IEA and the UN have to say.

This month's picks:

  1. The US Climate Summit: Who made what kind of climate commitments, and what does it mean for the private sector?
  2. The net-zero trend among investors and asset managers: What’s their process, Mark Carney’s new Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), do we have the required technologies to meet these goals, and the launch of Temasek and BlackRock’s new Decarbonization Partners climate tech fund.
  3. World's whitest paint: How does this simple technology match up with traditional air conditioners?

The episode ends with another new segment: Questions from our listeners. Shari and Denise take Mike from New York’s question on plastics – what happens if plastic waste isn’t recycled and doesn’t go to a landfill? What is chemical recycling, and what’s pyrolysis? We’ll hear some thoughts on this from Charlene Sullivan, a research officer in Stop-Winlock’s Climate Business Department.


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