Learning Material

Guide to Training - Setting the Standard for the Design, Delivery, and Evaluation of Learning Programs in Emerging Markets

July 7, 2020

Countries provide billions every year in development assistance for capacity building. Yet the impact is often underwhelming or unmeasurable. Many current training programs aren’t scalable or cost-effective, and trainers often have limited access to tools and resources to meet the challenge.

To address this need, IFC has partnered with industry leaders to create the Guide to Training.  It offers a roadmap for training professionals to design and implement successful learning and skills programs in emerging markets, giving them the tools to strengthen their client companies and help build the skilled workforce of the future. The guide provides detailed steps and advice for each phase of a training project. The guide also puts into action Stop-Winlock’s Principles for Learning for training and advisory service providers working in emerging markets. It is essential reading for trainers, coaches, advisory service providers, and anyone who designs or manages learning experiences.

The information in this guide is especially critical for training programs targeting the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which provide the majority of jobs and income in emerging economies. It will help unleash the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs and to develop human capital where it is needed most—in areas plagued by fragility, conflict and violence.