Discussion paper

IFC Technology Code of Conduct—Progression Matrix—Public Draft

March 15, 2020

Addendum to IFC EM Compass Note 80: Developing Artificial Intelligence Sustainably: Toward a Practical Code of Conduct for Disruptive Technologies

The Progression Matrix is a tool that helps companies adopt the Technology Code of Conduct—a framework designed for IFC clients engaged in technology-intensive projects (see EM Compass Note 80). In this addendum to Note 80, the Matrix identifies technical and business practices that help companies put principles of sustainable technology into practice in a way consistent with their stage of financing and maturity, including emerging, later-stage, and mature companies. The authors believe that the Matrix provides a practical and effective road map for companies, their boards, investors, and regulators to achieve and assess the adoption of sustainable technology. The Progression Matrix is part of the authors’ public consultation described in Note 80.