Making Progress: Sri Lankan Businesses Advance Gender Equality

March 6, 2019

The SheWorks  Sri Lanka partnership was established in March 2018. As the partnership completes its first year, this report captures group-level progress toward realizing SheWorks  commitments. SheWorks  members are spread across Sri Lanka’s different priority sectors, such as garments and apparel, tourism, information technology, banking and finance.

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This report consolidates 18 members’ learnings and best practices around the recruitment, retention, and promotion of employees. SheWorks  members have contributed their knowledge and expertise to this report. This report highlights a few experiences of  SheWorks  members, draws on the lessons the members have learnt from the seminars, and connects the dots in advancing women’s employment.

The aim of this report is to help companies across regions and sectors identify and implement gender-smart recruitment, retention, and promotion policies that work best for their employees and the business. The six commitments of the report reflect the SheWorks  members’ self-reported commitment measures.

Each commitment is divided into four sections: The business case, key highlights, one-year outcomes, and best practices. The report concludes with suggestions for future research and partnerships, and highlights areas which can be further actioned through the SheWorks  Sri Lanka partnership and are also vital to advancing women’s employment.

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SheWorks Knowledge Report: Putting Gender Smart Commitments Into Practice