The First 10 Years of the Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network (EMCGN) Report

June 25, 2014

This paper provides an account of the Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network (EMCGN) and its first 10 years of activities. The paper describes the history of the EMCGN and its objectives—to stimulate research focused on corporate governance in emerging markets as well as transition and developing countries—its structure, which is a joint undertaking of corporate governance research centers and internationally recognized scholars with IFC Corporate Governance acting as its catalyst; and its modalities: organizing workshops, holding biennial conferences, and disseminating and communicating research.

Analysis of publication data shows that EMCGN has been successful in encouraging research on CG in emerging markets in most areas of research that identified as critical at the inception of EMCGN and through its interactions with practitioners and policy makers. EMCGN has been also successful in stimulating collaborative research and facilitating dialog between scholars and the larger CG community.