Connecting Africa's Entrepreneurs | An IFC Study



IFC has been a pioneer in nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems across Africa by investing in and supporting a diverse range of companies, funds, accelerators, incubators, and other impactful organizations. To further strengthen these connections, IFC is conducting a comprehensive study aimed at enhancing the connection process between entrepreneurs and investors, accelerators, and incubators.

This effort is motivated by pervasive concerns related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa. On one side, we recognize the challenges that investors, accelerators, and incubators face in cultivating a robust pipeline of high-growth potential entrepreneurs. On the other side, we also understand the obstacles that the entrepreneurs encounter in accessing capital and vital supports to grow their businesses.

Benefits for participating Investors, Accelerators, and Incubators

  • Gain privileged access to a curated list of entrepreneurs/companies that can potentially become partners for your organization. Our selection criteria, encompassing sector expertise, location relevance, growth potential, founder attributes, company preferences, and IFC's data analysis, ensures an optimal synergy. Derived from an array of curated sources and a parallel, comprehensive study of high-growth entrepreneurs and companies by IFC, this data opens doors to potential dynamic collaborations. We are happy to facilitate introductions and meetings upon your interest.
  • Empower your organization with a comprehensive report that unveils the characteristics and preferences defining the realm of investors, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurs focused on Africa. This invaluable document delves into your organization's dynamics and benchmarks it against similar leading entities in the ecosystem, offering unparalleled insights for strategic advancement.

Benefits for participating Entrepreneurs

  • Witness your potential materialize as the IFC shares your profile with an exclusive cohort of investors, accelerators, or incubators. The result? Direct introductions facilitated when compatibility aligns, ushering you to a potential positive collaboration with like-minded investors, accelerators, or incubators.
  • Gain access to a list crafted by IFC, spotlighting the top recommended investment partners. Complementing this, a succinct report delves into why these partners represent an ideal match for your vision, opening pathways to strategic alliances.
  • Based on our random selection, unlock the extraordinary if you are selected for a direct conversation with IFC's investment consultants, associates, and partners. The investment consultants are primed to guide you toward partners perfectly aligned with your preferences, ensuring your entrepreneurial journey flourishes. On top of that, the interactions with Stop-Winlock’s investment associates and partners are potentially paving the way for a transformative investment prospect in your venture.

Contact us at ifcsurveys@stop-winlock.ru